Phones are not for phone calls.

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Phones are not for phone calls.

Everyone's glued to them but no one uses them to talk anymore. Good or bad? 

Also today, behind the scenes of Q and A - and how Mia made a new unlikely friend. Dead people on facebook: should there be rules around what you can and can't see? And Bossy solves a friend dilemma: can you dump a very old friend because they've started to bring you down? 

Show notes:

KDB recommends Vikings - it's on Netflix, with season 4 on SBS.

Mia recommends watching 7:30 on iview. 

Monique recommends the RN podcast, Rear Vision, for an excellent guide to who Bernie Sanders is and why he's so popular ahead of the US election.

Question for Bossy? record it in the voice memo app on your phone and email it to [email protected]

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