Pauline Hanson, People to Unfollow and Phubbing

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Pauline Hanson, People to Unfollow and Phubbing

Did we just get the politicians we deserved? Heartbreak is hard, so we’ve collected our best advice for Malcolm Turnbull. Is it a bad feminist act to comment on what female politicians and journos wear? Judi Dench has a new tattoo and not everyone thinks it's cool. The 11 people you should unfollow on social media. Are you phubbing? We've got your guide to street slang. And how do you break up with a very nice but bad hairdresser? The Ask Bossy Question that made us want to curl up and dye…. (hairdresser pun get it lolz).

This show is hosted by Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Kate De Brito

Mia recommends White Wings Cake In A Cup

Monique recommends My Dad Wrote A Porno, the comedy podcast

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