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When Famous Mums Have Sex

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are dating and it's another case of the internet having lots of opinions about two famous people getting together. Olivia is being hammered for dating a younger man and we think she's receiving a special brand of hatred reserved only for single mothers. 

Plus, an article was recently published in the Sydney Morning Herald by Madonna King, titled: “My friend, she’s really skinny, I need to lose weight”. The teenage angst swamping 10 year old girls. King’s new book ‘Ten-Ager’ has just been released and is all about what our daughters need to know about the transition from child to teen. But it's not only interesting if you're a mother, but it's also interesting for anyone who was once a 10 year old, and it's got us thinking about how the fears of young girls are amplified for a generation who were born in the age of iPhones and Instagram.

And, our best and worst of the week, including Mia's new piercings. 


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