Never Put A Cucumber Where Cucumbers Shouldn't Go

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Never Put A Cucumber Where Cucumbers Shouldn't Go

Shut the front door, Outlouders. Jessie Stephens has a recommendation today that will blow your hair back, and it's all about what should - and should never - go near your pink parts.

Also, have you ever been 'stashed'? It's a new word for a relationship situation that's as old as time. Has it happened to you?

Is it ever okay to 'shirt-front' the Prime Minister? Karl Stefanovic did it this week. Was it investigative journalism in action? Or just plain rude?

And - shop changing-room etiquette? What's okay and not okay to do when you're behind the dreaded curtain?

Happy Friday.


Show Notes

Your host is Holly Wainwright with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Your producer and editor is Elissa Ratliff

The Director of Podcasts is Rachel Corbett

Mia thinks you should watch The Letdown on ABC iView

Jessie recommends not using soap on your pink bits.

Holly thinks Stranger Things on Netflix is for everyone.

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