Meghan Markle's Family Christmas Is Scarier Than Yours

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Meghan Markle's Family Christmas Is Scarier Than Yours

According to one of our listeners - we say WOKE too much. But not in a good way. Does this make us un-woke?

Plus, is it ever too soon to spend your first Christmas together as a couple?

And at the start of this week a video went viral about an 11-year-old boy who was being very badly bullied. Now, at the end of the week we know that the little boy’s parents are white supremacists -  so should we feel sorry for Keaton Jones?

Show Notes

Your host is Holly Wainwright with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Your producer and editor is Elissa Ratliff

The Director of Podcasts is Rachel Corbett

Mia says watch The Crown.

Holly says watch Paddington 2.

Jessie suggests using the Worry app.

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