Australia, We've Had A Mood Swing

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Australia, We've Had A Mood Swing

We noticed a shift in tone and messaging about Covid from our leaders over the weekend. Are we ready for what this change might mean? And will we ever see Donut Days again? 

Plus, the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan have changed forever, again. As the Taliban insurgence in the Afghan capital of Kabul rages on, what can you actually do to help?

And, J-Lo deleted some pics from her Instagram account over the weekend. Not just any pictures though, only ones of her ex. So, is there a right time to delete pictures of your past relationship from social media?

The End Bits:

What can you do to support the Women & Children in Afghanistan? 


Mia has been watching Hacks on Stan. Jessie is listening to Joe Rogan's interview with Yeonmi Park, a North Korean Human Rights Activist. 

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