Leaning In, Leaning Out and trying not to throw up.

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Leaning In, Leaning Out and trying not to throw up.

Forget leaning in. Lets talk about leaning out. Why leaning back is not just OK but neccessary, and why Monique thinks Sheryl Sandberg's message is a bit bullshit.

Plus, the mystery behind Delta's white pantsuit, Mia's day on a plate rivals Therese Kerr, the sneaky tactics to escape street charity fundraisers, and the TV show that is going to kill reality TV. 


Show notes

Cheating husband outed by hotel manager

Space Clearing is a thing.

The latest must have product for curly hair.

The meditation tape that tells it STRAIGHT

Street Fundraisers are driving us mad

Why we won't be reading Harper Lee's new novel

MIA: Leaning back is not just ok, it's neccessary. 

Susan recommends heated blankets for your lap. 

Mia recommends the book Ugly by Robert Hoge

Monique recommends the show that will kill reality TV for you: UnReal


Your hosts were Mia FreedmanSusan Carland and Monique Bowley

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