Leaks, loose lips and reclaiming a four-letter word.

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Leaks, loose lips and reclaiming a four-letter word.

This week, the furniture is shifting on Mamamia Out Loud. It could be the very heated debate that flares around Mia's opinion on nude selfies. It could be the warmth rising from the red faces about the celebrity names we've been saying incorrectly all these years. It could be the fury around the Salim Mehajer video that the nation is obsessed with this week. Or it could be a wave of relief at us finally finding a parenting book that validates our laziness. As ever, it's three women talking about absolutely everything. 

And a warning, this week's episode does deal with adult themes. 

Show notes

Mamamia Out Loud is hosted and produced by Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Kate De Brito

his week, Monique is away and the show is hosted by Holly Wainwright and edited by Elissa Ratliff. 

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Dr Ginni Mansberg answered our TMI tampon question today. 


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