Kim Kardashian, Australian Story, & Strangers on a Bench

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Kim Kardashian, Australian Story, & Strangers on a Bench

The terrible, no good response to Kim Kardashian's Paris hold up. What does it say about our approach to women who don't play by the rules? Australian Story this week was an ethical dilemma; should a couple with Down Syndrome get to have a baby? Just when we got used to side boob, side vag has appeared to give us all a stress rash, and would you sit on a park bench and talk to strangers? Also, why are car ads still so sexist? We have the perfect mask for scaring the crap out of everyone this Halloween and Holly has a Netflix pick that you can add to your watch list. 

Show Notes

Your host and producer is Monique Bowley 

Mia Freedman and Kate de Brito are away this week, thanks to Holly Wainwright from This Glorious Mess, and Jessie Stephens from The Binge for stepping in. 

Monique recommends The Daily Edited for early christmas presents

Holly recommends Hunt for the Wilderpeople on Netflix

Jessie recommends Sully with Tom Hanks. 

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