Karl Stefanovic Is The Comeback Kid

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07 Nov 2019 · 43 minutes

Karl Stefanovic Is The Comeback Kid
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In case you missed it, a rapper named T.I. desperately wants to talk about his daughter’s vagina. Or more specifically, her hymen. On an American podcast titled  “Ladies Like Us” the rapper, actor, and TV personality said that he accompanies his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris to a gynaecological exam each year, in order to have her hymen (and therefore, her virginity) checked. Where do we even start?

Plus, Karl Stefanovic is reportedly in discussions with Nine about taking back his old seat on the Today show next year, even if it means copping a hefty salary cut. Mia puts her industry hat on and explores whether Karl can really save the day. 

And, actress and activist Emma Watson is in the headlines for rejecting the word ‘single’ and instead going with ‘self-partnered’. But, does the status of ‘single’ really need a makeover? 

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