Kanye, Malcolm, And The Mothers Who Leave

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Kanye, Malcolm, And The Mothers Who Leave

Can you leave a sleeping baby at home alone? Sure you can, just don’t tell the internet about it. Has the honeymoon ended for Malcolm Turnbull, and does politics in general need to grow some balls?  Is Kanye West mental or just a mis-understood poet? The comedian that we are all losing our minds over. And should your partner split the cost of your contraceptive pill?

Plus, what you should be reading, watching, loving sick.

This show is hosted by Monique Bowley, Mia Freedman, and Kate De Brito.

Mia recommends the Gloria Steinam book My Life On The Road 

Kate De Brito recommends Nurse Jackie (on STAN at the moment), and any Robert Galbraith novels

Monique is watching The Bachelorette, on 9life streamed straight from the US

Ali Wong, Baby Cobra is on Netflix

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