I'm Too Tired To Care If My Husband Cheats On Me

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25 Aug 2015 · 68 minutes

I'm Too Tired To Care If My Husband Cheats On Me
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Is monogomy realistic? And is it the most important thing in a relationship? We take the Ashley Madison hack by the balls.  Plus, the friendships you should euthanise, the one thing you should always do in hotel rooms, and the brilliant way to get all the thrills of online shopping without the cost.

Also, how much can you believe what you see on youtube? And Explain To Me looks at Arm Kale. 
It's the show where too much information is barely enough.  
Show Notes
Thanks to Nikki Gemmell
The show is hosted by Monique Bowley and Mia Freedman
Mia recommends Liz Gilbert's Podcast, Magic Lessons.
Nikki recommends Marilynne Robinson's book, Lila. It's also had incredible reviews.
Nikki also recommends Les Murray's book of poetry, Waiting For The Past
Monique recommends Rosie Waterland's book, The Anti-Cool Girl
The full episode of Mia Freedman interviewing Rosie is on No Filter. 
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