How to win a vote in 60 seconds

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How to win a vote in 60 seconds

No idea who to vote for this election? Listen up. We asked Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull for 60 seconds on why you should choose them. An elevator pitch, Shark Tank style. Also today, Offspring is back...and not everyone is happy with it. Kanye’s Famous Video - is it art or just more gratuitous nudity from a rapper? And with everyone from Waleed Aly to Charlie Pickering doing viral monologues, we ask where are all the women? Introducing...the Monzologue.

This show is hosted by Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Kate De Brito

Mia recommends This American Life Tell Me I'm Fat

Kate recommends The Girlfriend Experience on Stan

Monique recommends The Nitty Gritty Committee - the joke that started a media storm.

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