The Female Sex Scene We Never Thought We'd See

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13 Feb 2020 · 41 minutes

The Female Sex Scene We Never Thought We'd See
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In a recent tweet, Bettina Arndt shared a poster from Griffith University’s dating manual which highlights a person’s right to say no to sex. In her words, she claimed that the manual encourages women to be “uncaring demanding bitches”. Despite her undisputed anti-feminist sentiment, the tweet made us ask, is Griffith University’s dating manual more partial towards women?

Also, vulvas and orgasms on Gwenyth Paltrow’s third episode of the Netflix series ‘the goop lab’ has got us all wondering, is female sexuality witnessing a big cultural moment? 

Plus, our Quicky producer Melanie Tait tweeted a post asking, is it silly to gift a mum a facial or massage without organising for someone to look after her kids? We discuss.

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