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End Of World Confessions

The world is due to end today so we're getting some stuff off our chest. Mia accidentally shoplifted. And she burnt her fanny with hot tea. The very unfashionable Monique thinks Qantas should take a bow for saying no to thongs, and Bachelorette Sam Frost should stop wearing 1990's hoop earrings. And is it wrong to stockpile limited edition icecreams? For Jamila, it feels so right.

Also today, mental health week. The media portrayal of a family murder-suicide has us asking questions about family violence assumptions. And have you lost your job? The things no one tells you.

It's the podcast where TMI is barely enough.

Show Notes

Your hosts are Monique Bowley, Mia Freedman and Jamila Rizvi.

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Emily Purcell is a pregnant Gen Y 

Jam recommends this vanity fair piece on Annie Leibovitz

Monique's woman of the year goes to Yvonne Darcy who took on the high court and won. And also proved that big corporations shouldn't  mess with Grandmas

Mia is reading about the Lockhart shooting and the Nina Funnel piece is here

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