Don't Tell The Men About Period Brain

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Don't Tell The Men About Period Brain

Does your brain ever feel a little fuzzy when you have your period? Like you are running 30 seconds behind? Turns out period brain might be real. 

Plus, Big Dick Energy. We need to talk about it. What it is. Who has it. And why we want it. If you are reading this and are a little bit confused, read this article and then come back and talk to us. Because BDE is not something to joke about. It is real, people. 

And, is not texting each other the key to a longterm relationship lasting? According to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, YES.

The End Bits

Hosts: Holly WainwrightJessie Stephens and Mia Freedman

Producer: Elissa Ratliff

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What You Should Read / Watch / Listen

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Holly: Trump - An American Dream on Netflix

Mia: Head scarves at Bravery Co, OH and her son thinks you should watch Cooking High on Netflix


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