Do My Legs Look Good In This Power Suit?

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Do My Legs Look Good In This Power Suit?

So many questions this week. Is the price of bananas about to skyrocket? If you give birth in a Cyclone should you name the baby after the Cyclone during which you birthed? If you're a powerful woman discussing national issues do you need to shave your legs so the paper can report on them instead of your important work? Can you claim to be into clean living, and still have botox? Have you ever been summoned to the bosses office and been asked to show your boobs? When someone says "did you have a GOOD weekend" are they actually asking if you got a shag in?  In a world of hustle and striving to be better, what happened to ever being "mediocre"? And we know teens want to get drunk and have sex, but what happens when things go wrong, are filmed, and then distributed all throughout the school? Have parents gone soft when it comes to cracking down?

Plus, the app, TV show and podcast recommendation for your downtime. Whenever the hell that is.


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Your host and producer is Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Holly Wainwright.

Jessie has Glandular Fever. Poor lamb. Get well soon Jessie. 

Mia recommends Youtube Kids and the Our Pact app

Holly is all about Wil Anderson's Comedy Special on Stan

Monz recommends the podcast S-Town and stuffing your eyeballs with these MAFS recaps so you don't have to watch the whole show

You can listen to Holly on This Glorious Mess

Mia's No Filter with Wil Anderson is here

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