Confessions, Crocs and Election Day Sausages

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08 Jun 2016 · 58 minutes

Confessions, Crocs and Election Day Sausages
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Sydney's beachside mansions fell into the water and we are a tiny-bit-not-sad-about it. The unfortunate side effect of yoga and pilates that no one is talking about.  Generation Y claim they are too poor to have children but do they just need to stop buying Diptyque candles and avocado smash? Crocs (the shoes) are worse for you than we thought. The election is nearing and vegetarians are feeling underrepresented in the sausage sizzles.   We explain the Stanford rape and how the ripple effects of this sexual assault case have reveberated across the world. And do you have a good group of friends? This week, an Ask Bossy that will remove all your faith in humanity and friendship.

This show was presented and produced by Monique Bowley with Kate De Brito and Holly Wainwright

Mia Freedman is in New York and will return next week.

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