Childless by choice: the last female taboo

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Childless by choice: the last female taboo

Motherhood is still considered a benchmark that women should aspire to.  What happens when you have other plans? Will Hillary Clinton smash the biggest glass ceiling on the planet? A work uniform could change your life. And the reason you need to dust off a recipe book this week. 

Show notes

Thanks to Holly Wainwright for co-hosting, you can hear her on This Glorious Mess

Shelly Horton is happily childfree, thankyou very much

Jamila Rizvi has a challenge: cook from Jerusalem.

Monique Bowley is absorbed by ye olde period drama The Paradise - it's on Netflix.

Here's the story about that sex toy that can impregnate you

The woman that wore the same outfit to work everyday for 3 years

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