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Check On Your Strong Friend

So many women own a bag, purse, or phone-case emblazoned with the name Kate Spade.  And on Wednesday, this iconic designer was found dead in her home in New York, shocking everyone. So what are the conversations we should be having around her death?  

Plus, if you’re seeing Sex And The City everywhere in your feeds this week, it’s because it is officially 20 years old. So what do Carrie and her mates mean to young feminists?

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The End Bits

Hosts: Holly WainwrightJessie Stephens and Mia Freedman

Producer: Elissa Ratliff

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What You Should Read / Watch / Listen

Jessie: Listening to The Teachers Pet Podcast.

Holly: Reading Still A Queen by Constance Hall

Mia: Downloading the Can Do app.


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