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The Canberra Sex Bubble

Monday night’s Four Corners episode discussed the culture for women in Australian politics with investigations into the conduct of two senior Liberal politicians. Holly asks the question, does it matter if our leaders are good people? Or do they just need to do their jobs and deliver for the people of Australia?

Plus, Jessie goes rogue and decides to talk about the breakdown of the marriage between Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey. Cevey says that while they were together, Phil Collins refused to shower for almost an entire year, didn’t brush his teeth for several months, was impotent, drank heavily and took prescription pills...leading to a discussion about privacy and post-break-up ethics. 

And, a 2014 memo from Joe Biden to his staff has resurfaced. It details how the now-President-Elect urged his staff to prioritise family events over work. But is that a realistic standard to set in 2020?


Recommendations: Holly wants you to read The Yield. You can watch the Four Corners ep about Canberra here, on ABC iView. Follow us on Instagram @MamamiaOutLoud 


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