Bras, Births & A Kinder,  Post-Trump World

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Bras, Births & A Kinder, Post-Trump World

So here's a question: After our shock about the US election result - is it time we stopped shouting and started listening? Even, gulp, us? Also: Sharenting - how much is too much when it comes to posting about our kids' lives? And one more thing: When it comes to bras, how often are you meant to wash them? We're asking for a friend...

Show Notes

Your host is Holly Wainwright with Mia Freedman & Jessie Stephens

our producer is Elissa Ratliff 

Jessie thinks you should listen to true crime podcast Felon podcast. Mia wants you to go to The Wall Street Journal and view Red Feed Blue Feed and Holly thinks you should watch The Fall on Foxtel.

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