BONUS: The Year We Stopped Talking To Each Other

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BONUS: The Year We Stopped Talking To Each Other

Remember the days when you'd set the VCR? Or have to be home Sunday nights at 6:30pm to catch the once-a-week Disney movie? Or have to sit next to people on the couch and watch the same show, on the one screen?


2015 was a game-changer for the way we watch TV.  A glut of streaming services entered Australia, feeding us quality TV programming, when we wanted it and how we wanted it.  

The result? A rennaisance of quality programming that we devoured. Families that can spend a night all enjoying something different. But what's the major downside? You literally cannot talk to anyone for fear of spoilers. 

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Your hosts are Monique Bowley, Mia Freedman and Jamila Rizvi.

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