BONUS: The Revolution Has Come For Don Burke

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27 Nov 2017 · 28 minutes

BONUS: The Revolution Has Come For Don Burke
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Ever since one of Hollywood's most powerful men, Harvey Weinstein, was exposed as a sexual predator who had been preying on women in his industry for four decades, the list of men behaving disgustingly has been growing at an incredible rate. Yesterday, thanks to the tireless work of some stellar Australian journalists - primary amongst them Kate McCLymont and Tracey Spicer - a big Australian name was added to that list. Don Burke.

The now 70 -year-old was once the biggest name in Australian television. His show, Burke's Backyard spun off into specials, a magazine and a million lucrative events and appearances. He could do no wrong. But the rumours about his behaviour towards women never changed, he was, as legendary TV executive Sam Chisholm told the Fairfax press yesterday, 'a disgrace' and a 'terrible grub'.

So what does this mean? And what will happen next? Rachel, Holly and Jessie discuss...

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