BONUS: Book Club. The Anti Cool Girl, Rosie Waterland

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BONUS: Book Club. The Anti Cool Girl, Rosie Waterland

Readers make better lovers. They're smarter. They're better looking. They earn more money. They are pretty much the best humans out there. Which is why you should join the Mamamia Book Club podcast. It's the most low-maintenance book club you'll ever be part of. No hosting anyone at your house, no bring-a-plate to contend with, and we will ALWAYS wait for you to finish the book.

In order to convince you further, here's the latest episode. Join me, Monique Bowley, and author Jackie Lunn, as well as Mamamia's Jessie Stephens as we unpack one of the most brutally honest memoirs of the year, Rosie Waterland's Anti Cool Girl.

There's heaps more episodes too. Just search for Mamamia Book Club podcast, or find it in itunes, HERE.

Love your guts.

Show notes:

Your hosts are Monique Bowley and Jacqueline Lunn with Jessie Stephens

The Anti Cool Girl is published by Harper Collins

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