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A Man Came Into The Studio

It's fine, he's a feminist, we checked. This week Mia is wearing her Hillary T-shirt, and glowing, so we unpack the top moments from the US presidential debate. At home, there was a small, but important shift in the way we view red carpets. Is fit-shaming the new fat-shaming? Shane Warne: loveable larrakin or creepy uncle? Is it a bit wrong that Pauline Hanson's face is on a dog poo bag? Are you an introvert or just an arsehole? And if you're washing your hair with shampoo then conditioner you're doing it wrong.

Show notes:

KdB is on leave reading all the books you suggested. 

Thanks to Jessie Stephens for warming the chair and for Luca Lavigne for allowing an interrogation.

Mia recommends Season 3 of Transparent on Stan

And the podcast Keepin it 1600. 

Luca recommends the Vivino app

Jessie recommends Audrie and Daisy on Netflix

Monz recommends Multix baking templates, find them in the baking aisle of your supermarket and just TRY and not be excited.

Show notes:

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