Australians Will Talk About This Day For Generations

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Australians Will Talk About This Day For Generations

Melbourne has officially made it out of lockdown with shops, cafes, pubs and more reopening from today, and restrictions eased significantly. Our Melbourne OutLouders tell us what they'll be doing with their newfound freedom.

Plus, In case you missed it: On Monday a Victorian roads project pushed ahead with the removal of a tree that was deeply scared to First Nations people, sparking a conversation about what we value and respect in Australia in 2020.

And, we might have reached Peak Pregnancy Announcement with the celebrity who got another celebrity to create an almost three-minute short film to share the news. Em Rata enlisted Lena Dunham to help craft the announcement while she also penned an essay for Vogue about gender. 


Mia wants you to watch Brave New World on Stan. You can support the Djap Wurrung community here and details of how to take action here. If you'd like to watch the Em Rata pregnancy announcement video, that's here. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @MamamiaOutLoud


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