The Self-Helpy Book: Make It Happen, Michelle Bridges.

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The Self-Helpy Book: Make It Happen, Michelle Bridges.

For our final book of the season, we're taking on the cult of Michelle Bridges. Whether you're a cynic or a self-help devotee, Make It Happen is about breaking down the barriers that might be blocking your path to achieving your goals. But can it break the mould of cliched, woo-woo self-help books? The book shares a glimpse of what the health and fitness entrepreneur has learnt on her own journey, provides real solutions to everyday challenges, and helps you achieve your goals, whether they be related to jobs, employment, relationships or body image. We talk about the good (and the bad) bits that got a post-it note, the advice we're actually going to follow, and call bullshit on the points that weren't so convincing. So, did it inspire us? And could we stick to Michelle's positive thinking challenge? Listen in, then get out there and just freaking DO IT!

Your hosts are Monique Bowley and Jacqueline Lunn with Lucy Rivers.

Make It Happen, by Michelle Bridges is published by Penguin.

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