The Self-Help One: Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

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The Self-Help One: Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

Do you want to live a more creative life?

Elizabeth Gilbert, of Eat, Pray, Love fame says you can. And you MUST. But before you run out and enrol in life-drawing 101, stop right there.  It's not neccessary. 

This is a no-bullshit guide on how to make space for more creativity in your life. She argues that anyone can be creative, at anything, and her advice on how to stop giving a shit about what people think of you will have you highlighting passages and booking in for ice-skating/guitar/mosaic lessons.

A great read to start the new year.

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This book was one of the top ten books of 2015, according to founder and content director of Mamamia, Mia Freedman. 

Mia Freedman interviewed Elizabeth Gilbert on her podcast: No Filter. Listen here.

Or Elizabeth Gilbert has her own podcast called Magic Lessons, here