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It’s not every day you pick up a book about people having sex with a fish. But if you’re listening to this podcast you’ve probably read Melissa Broder's book The Pisces, and you’re probably here because, well, you need to talk about the fact that a woman had sex with a merman.

On this episode, Jessie is joined by her twin sister Clare and they have a lot of questions...

What do you do when you fall in love with a merman?

How many metaphors were there in this book and did we understand them all?

How do you actually have sex with a merman?

Why oh why did they have to kill the dog?

And should there have even been a merman in this storyline?

Let's find out...

Remember, this is a Book Club, so we're assuming if you're listening you've read the book too.  That means there will be spoilers, so if you haven't read it, grab a copy, get reading and join us after you've turned the last page.  We'll be right here waiting for you!

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Your host is Jessie Stephens. 

With thanks to Clare Stephens

Elissa Ratliff is the producer of Mamamia Book Club. 

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