The Classic, Re-imagined: Eligible, Curtis Sittenfeld.

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13 Aug 2016 · 58 minutes

The Classic, Re-imagined: Eligible, Curtis Sittenfeld.
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What does Jane Austen have to do with crossfit and paleo diets? Nothing until now. Eligible is a modern-day re-telling of the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice. While this contemporary, tongue-in-cheek retelling of Pride and Prejudice does follow the Bennet family, there are some updated differences from the classic. So, did it WORK? How does the modern day Elizabeth Bennet compare to the original? What’s going on with weirdo Mary? How believable is Darcy? And does the love story pack enough punch?

Your hosts are Monique Bowley and Jacqueline Lunn with Holly Wainwright

Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld, is published by Penguin Random House

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