When Everyone Says "I Can't Believe You're Not Taken".

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When Everyone Says "I Can't Believe You're Not Taken".

She’s 28, nice, smart, isn’t bad looking or crazy. People always tell her, “I can’t believe you’re not taken!” How does she get over the anxiety that she will never find anyone to have kids with? He’s a health nut who has moved in with a guy 14 years younger and drinks. How can he get him to put the bottle away without putting the relationship in jeopardy? Bianca's been having serious troubles with her hubby and is in major debt. She's found out her dad is leaving her money. Should she tell her husband? 

Join Osher Günsberg with psychologist Leanne Hall as they dish out the real talk relationship advice your friends will never say to your face. 

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Your hosts are: Osher Gunsberg and Leanne Hall

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