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Love Life


Sex with Strangers, Electronic Cheating, and Dating for the Shy

Indi is happily married but can't stop obsessing about sex with strangers. Should she just do it and not tell her husband? Bec snooped on her boyfriend's facebook and found him chatting with his ex about the wild sex they had and all the funny things they loved about each other. Is electronically cheating a thing? Should she confront him even though he’ll find out she was looking at his laptop? And too-shy Alicia is into another very-shy guy, and she thinks he likes her back...but they're stuck in a shy standoff. 

Join Osher Günsberg with psychologist Leanne Hall as they dish out the real talk relationship advice your friends will never say to your face. 

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Your hosts are: Osher Gunsberg and Leanne Hall

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