The Three Women Making Us Better With Our Money

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The Three Women Making Us Better With Our Money

Did you know that on average Aussie women are retiring with 35% less super than men? 

Well, thankfully our guests today want to change that. 

Christina Hobbs and Alex Andrews were at a crossroads.

Christina had just come back to Australia after years of working overseas with the UN and Alex was recovering from a chronic illness. 

For years they had been talking about starting a superfund for women by women. But the timing never felt quite right. 

And then in early 2018 everything fell into place. And with the help of their third co-founder Zoe Lamont, they founded Verve Super. A super fund that not only looks after your super but empowers women across all their finances.

So how do you even start something like this? And how do you make your product stand out in an already saturated market? 


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Host: Shazzy Hunt

Guest: Christina Hobbs and Alex Andrews

Producer: Mikayla Floriano

Audio Production: Leah Porges

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