Summer Series: George McEncroe

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02 Jan 2019 · 32 minutes

Summer Series: George McEncroe
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Welcome to the summer series of Lady Startup! The show where female entrepreneurs share the ups and downs of building an empire.

In this special bonus series, we're sharing awesome interviews Mia Freedman did with female entrepreneurs on her podcast, No Filter.

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This week's guest is George McEncroe, founder of the female ride-sharing app, Sheba.

In 2016 George was working several jobs and saving for a house deposit after she’d divorced from her husband.  To get a little extra cash she registered to be an Uber driver but kept pulling out at the last minute because she was worried about the risks of driving at night.  

So instead of moving on with her life and doing nothing about it, she decided to make her own all-female ride-sharing app - all female drivers, all female passengers and a service where people would be comfortable transporting their kids.  

So how do you go about building your own app?  Or competing with a behemoth like Uber?

Mia Freedman talks to the woman who did all those things, George McEncroe.


Guest: George McEncroe, Founder of the female ride-sharing app, Shebah

Host: Rachel Corbett & Mia Freedman

Producer: Rachel Corbett & Rachael Hart


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