BONUS: Margie Hennessy Kept Her Business Running Through A Natural Disaster

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18 May 2020 · 25 minutes

BONUS: Margie Hennessy Kept Her Business Running Through A Natural Disaster
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A bushfire raging nearby, a business under threat and 50 dogs to evacuate.

For Margie Hennessy, owner of a luxury doggy brand DOGUE, this was her reality when her dog holiday retreat came under threat from bushfires earlier this year. 

It was an epic emergency. So how on earth did she keep her cool?

In this episode, Margie joins Lady Startup founder, Mia Freedman, to chat about how the bushfire crisis, followed by a global pandemic impacted her business. How did she cope and how is she dealing with these challenges as a business owner and boss?

This episode was brought to you by the MYOB & Smiling Mind Small Business Program. Partnering to make mental health everyone’s business.

Visit the DOGUE online store HERE.

Are you an Australian manufacturer looking for new business?

During this time of COVID, DOGUE has launched their Aussie-Made Campaign.

DOGUE is looking to partner with Australian manufacturers, to help create beautiful bedding, blankets, apparel – as well as treats and beauty ranges for their four-legged customers. Expression of interests here -


Host: Mia Freedman, co-founder of Mamamia and founder of Lady Startup.

You can find Mia on Instagram HERE and get her free weekly newsletter HERE

Guest: Margie Hennessy, CEO, Dogue.

Producers: Leah Porges and Samantha McDonald


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