Katherine Westwood & Sophie Gilliatt: The Dinner Ladies

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Katherine Westwood & Sophie Gilliatt: The Dinner Ladies

Welcome to Lady Startup, the show where we delve deep into the businesses of successful female entrepreneurs to find out how they did it.

Today's guests are Katherine Westwood and Sophie Gilliatt, otherwise known as The Dinner Ladies.

These two entrepreneur mums met at the school gate and decided for a bit of extra pocket money they’d start cooking meals for their busy family and friends.  

Kicking off in 2007 in Katherine’s backyard shed after investing $400 each they cooked 10 meals which they gave out for free to friends and family.

Flash forward ten years and they now supply over 12,000 meals a week, employ 40 people and prepare everything in their own production kitchen.  

So how did they turn their business from a couple of mums cooking with kids on their hips to a multi-million dollar enterprise?  Listen and find out...


Guest: Katherine Westwood & Sophie Gilliatt, Founders of The Dinner Ladies

Host/Producer: Rachel Corbett, Founder of PodSchool


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