Yes, You Can Mix Business With Family

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Yes, You Can Mix Business With Family

Hannah Vasicek began making jewellery at the age of 12, buying beads from discount stores and creating collections under the name Handmade By Hannah. By 16 she was selling her jewellery at the Salamanca Markets in Tasmania.

She had no idea that over fifteen years later she'd still be making jewellery, but this time with her sister, Rachel by her side. 

Today, you may know Handmade by Hannah as Francesca, a jewellery brand with purpose. They've managed to donate over three-quarters of a million dollars to charity already and are hungry for more. They pride themselves on keeping business local and attribute knowing their customers likes, dislikes and wants back to front to their success.

Hannah and Rachel Vasicek join Georgia Love...


You can find out more about Francesca online at or follow them on Instagram


Host: Georgia Love, Co-Founder of Georgia Elliot Sleepwear

Guests: Hannah and Rachel Vasicek, co-founders of Francesca

Producer: Mikayla Floriano & Madeline Joannou

Executive Producer: Elissa Ratliff 

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