Sallyanne Atkinson Thinks a Woman's Place Is In The Boardroom

Sallyanne Atkinson never set out to be a feminist trailblazer, she just refused to let conventions and expectations stop her from doing what she wanted to do. When things got tough, the mother of five just got on with it. Caught in a council meeting? Tell them you're leaving at five to put dinner on. Need to get the kids vaccinated? Do it at night. Brisbane's first female Lord Mayor talks juggling her political career with three children under two and a quarter, getting sacked for being pregnant, and being called Tinkerbell by her political opponent. Sallyanne has three quarters of a century of wisdom and countless years of experience in the business, politics and journalism spheres. And now, she's sharing the things she thinks all young women should know. 


Your host is Holly Wainwright.

With thanks to Sallyanne Atkinson AO

This podcast was produced by Rachel Wagner for the Mamamia Podcast Network. 

Sallyanne's new book No Job For a Woman is out now. You can find it here.

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