Introducing Social Squad: How Does Laura Byrne Do It?

We’ve got a great new podcast to share with you all about Australia’s most influential women; the kind of women that really make you wonder how they do it all!

Social Squad is a podcast exploring the lives of influencers, pulling back the curtain and de-filtering the highlight reels we see on Instagram.

In this episode host Tully Smyth sits down with Laura Bryne.

When Laura Byrne won The Bachelor in 2016 she was surprised.

She also wasn’t a huge fan of Instagram. She had an account, @ladyandacat, that wasn’t doing much but it was the first year The Bachelor decided contestants should have their own Instagram accounts and she wasn’t prepared for what that would mean.

Before appearing on the show she had her own successful jewellery business, ToniMay. But after spending three months on one of Australia’s most popular TV show her business and profile boomed.

So how did she deal with her newfound fame and how does she make sure she keeps things real when she’s got a lot of people wanting to pay her a lot of money to post things?

Laura Byrne opens up to Tully Smyth about her journey into the crazy world of influencing...


GUEST: Laura Byrne - @ladyandacat @tonimay and @lifeuncutpodcast

HOST: Tully Smyth - @tee_smyth

PRODUCER: Elise Cooper


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