The Art Of Hiring A Wedding Planner


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The Art Of Hiring A Wedding Planner

You’ve got the whole money thing sorted, but how do you actually put this event together?

On this week's episode we break down why hiring a wedding planner or coordinator can save you money and time.  Especially if you aren’t that jazzed about all of the tiny little details that go into making your special day happen.

Like organising chairs...or making sure someone is onhand when Aunty Beryl realises you're not getting married in a church and has a panic attack.

Leish is here to break down the difference between wedding planners and coordinators so you can work out which one is right for you or whether you're going to bite the bullet and go DIY.

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Order Of Service 

Your host with the most is the wonderful Aleisha McCormack. She knows how to make you a Bridechilla like nobody's business. She's also one of the producers of the show.

The other two producers you can thank for bringing this magical podcast to your ears are Elissa Ratliff and Rachel Corbett. They're a couple of spinsters who now know how to plan a wedding.

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