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The Dress

The venue is sorted, the guest list is done and now it's time to work out what you're wearing!

How do you find a dress without blowing your budget?  What if you're not really a makeup person?  And how do you find underwear that's sexy but that won't be riding up your bum?

If you're freaking out, stop!  Because Leish has got you covered.

This episode is full of tips on how to get a beautiful wedding dress for less, how to overcome the problem of hitting the dance floor in stilettos and how to make sure you get the right make up for your big day.

Because let's be honest, the most underrated word when it comes to bridal attire is...COMFORT.


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Order Of Service

Your host with the most is the wonderful Aleisha McCormack. She knows how to make you a Bridechilla like nobody's business. She's also one of the producers of the show.

The other two producers you can thank for bringing this magical podcast to your ears are Elissa Ratliff and Rachel Corbett. They're a couple of spinsters who now know how to plan a wedding.

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