The First Six Weeks

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The First Six Weeks

Happy? Sad? Depressed? Confused? Tired? Disorientated? Angry? Ecstatic? Welcome to normal. The baby is here, you're beginning your life as a parent, and things can feel a little foggy. In the final episode of Hello Bump, we will walk you through those first weeks. Midwife Cath talks us through the post-pregnancy poo, dealing with stitches, breastfeeding, nipples, sleep, and postnatal depression. Bec Judd has advice for when your milk comes in, and why well-meaning visitors aren't always the best idea.  And for any non-mums listening along, we have the best thing to take new mums in those first fragile weeks. Spoiler: it's not flowers. 


Show Notes

Episode Guests: Midwife Cath

Hosts: Monique Bowley and Bec Judd

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