This Place We Call Muckaty

fighting for fair

25 Jan 2017 · 16 minutes

This Place We Call Muckaty
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Kylie Sambo was a regular teenager. Then, everything changed. The government wanted to put a nuclear waste dump on Muckaty Station, home for Kylie and countless generations of Indigenous Australians. Could 15-year-old Kylie fight the government and save her land from toxic waste?

Fighting For Fair is a partnership between Mamamia and Maurice Blackburn, Australia’s leading social justice law firm.

More on Maurice Blackburn:

More on Maurice Blackburn and Kylie’s fight against the nuclear waste dump:

Your host is Corinne Grant.

Podcast produced by Beth Gibson.

Podcast concept by Maurice Blackburn.

Executive Producer of Podcasts at Mamamia is Monique Bowley.
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