Part 2: What Happened To Amanda Bynes?

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Part 2: What Happened To Amanda Bynes?

Since 2013, Amanda’s Bynes has been in a conservatorship, governed primarily by her mum, Lynn. In the wake of Britney Spears’ bombshell revelations about her own conservatorship, the #freebritney movement has turned its eye to Amanda. Knowing what we now know about conservatorships and how they can be manipulated, many are asking why, eight years on, Amanda Bynes is still not in control of her own life?

Host: Emma Gillespie
Written and Produced by Sydney Pead & Emma Gillespie
Audio Production: Madeline Joannou
Executive Producer: Sydney Pead

With thanks to:
Laura Brodnik, Host of The Spill
Louisa Hatfield, Former Editor of New Weekly, Woman's Day
Sarah Wentz - Lawyer at Fox Rothschild, U.S.
Megan Radford - #freebritney Campaigner

Entertainment Tonight
9 News
New York Times - Framing Britney Spears

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