1. The Demonisation Of Lindy Chamberlain: A Dingo’s Got My Baby

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1. The Demonisation Of Lindy Chamberlain: A Dingo’s Got My Baby

Demonised by the press. Vilified by the country. The subject of gossip and innuendo. From the viewpoint of 2021, the story of Lindy Chamberlain is a brutal reflection of 1980s Australia. Beneath the layers of lies and injustice, it’s a story of a mother who didn’t behave, look, speak or grieve the way we wanted her to after the incomprehensible loss of a child. It’s also the story of one woman, strong enough to endure it all. 

In this season of Extraordinary Stories, we’re unravelling how a young woman went from mother to wrongly convicted murderer, and why the story of Azaria Chamberlain’s disappearance continues to fascinate us to this day.


Malcolm Brown, Journalist

Dr Sophie Jensen, National Museum of Australia

Alana Valentine, Author & Playwright


Letters to Lindy, Alana Valentine
Dear Lindy: A nation responds to the Loss of Azaria, Alana Valentine
Network Ten

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