1. House Of Grimaldi: The Princess Curse

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1. House Of Grimaldi: The Princess Curse

Seven hundred years ago a woman betrayed by the ruler of Monaco cursed the future of his family: no descendant of the House of Grimaldi would ever find happiness in marriage. On this season of Extraordinary Stories our host Emma Gillespie dives into the modern-day impact of that curse. Did it play a part in the tragic demise of the Hollywood star turned princess Grace Kelly?


Host: Emma Gillespie
Written and Produced by Sydney Pead & Emma Gillespie
Audio Production: Madeline Joannou
Executive Producer: Sydney Pead

With thanks to:
Professor Chandrika Kaul- Historian, University of St Andrews
Maddalena Mastrostefano - Royal Correspondent, Royal Central
Chelsea McLaughlin - Entertainment Reporter, Mamamia

Entertainment Tonight
Graham Bassinger, 2017
MGM archives
The Times

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