3. Magazine Queens: When Supermodels Turned Deadly

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3. Magazine Queens: When Supermodels Turned Deadly

The 1990s were the era of the supermodels, the waifs, and a trend so deadly it came with a health warning: heroin chic. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire brought luxury to the local newsagent and gave Australian women a taste of the runways of Paris and Milan. A handful of women known by their first names only were on every cover: Naomi, Cindy, Linda, Elle… until the waifs came along and knocked them off. 

On this episode of Extraordinary Stories: Magazine Queens, Emma Gillespie speaks to former Vogue Editor Kirstie Clements about what it was like working in a world that would fly you to Paris for a manicure and also refuse to make clothes that could fit grown-up women. And Paula Joye tells us about what it was like working with the supermodels of the 90s... And yes, she saw them all naked.


With thanks to Kirstie Clements here.

And Paula Joye here.

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