3. ‘I Told You I Was Trouble’ - The Amy Winehouse Story

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3. ‘I Told You I Was Trouble’ - The Amy Winehouse Story

A month before Amy Winehouse’s death, her performance at a music festival in Serbia was resoundly panned. She was intoxicated for the whole world to see, but the silver lining of what would be labelled 'the worst gig of her career' meant she didn’t have to go on tour. It meant Amy, and those who loved her, had their hopes pinned on a chance for Amy to get better again. 

On this episode we’ll explore the final years in the life of Amy Winehouse. After her closest friends were convinced Amy was doing better than ever, how did she die? Why was she sent on tour when she was not only unwilling, but unwell? 

Plus, we’ll take a closer look at the 27 club. What is this unique curse that looms over the legacies of these young artists?

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Host: Emma Gillespie

Written and produced by Emma Gillespie with Tia Ucich & Kally Borg

Audio Production: Madeline Joannou

Guest booking: Kally Borg

With thanks to:

Dr Peter Hughes
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