3. Belle Gibson: Reckoning & Reinvention

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3. Belle Gibson: Reckoning & Reinvention

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Belle Gibson spent years lying about her health. From those early skater chatroom claims that she had died on the operating table during heart surgery, to a terminal brain cancer diagnosis, and finally, revelations that cancer had spread through her entire body. She had built a business out of peddling her strategy for treating that cancer; with food. She said it was curing her, and could (for a small fee) cure you, too. But in March 2015, everything came undone, and it wasn't only Belle's followers who wanted answers. The police did too. 

With thanks to
Tara Brown
Tom Cowie
Dr Marc Feldman
James D'Apice
Kylie Willey
60 Minutes.

Host: Emma Gillespie
Writers: Emma Gillespie and Holly Wainwright
Producer: Emma Gillespie
Guest bookings: Melanie Sauer
Audio Production: Madeline Joannou
Executive Producer: Holly Wainwright and Elissa Ratliff

Confronting Belle Gibson

The Woman Who Fooled The World by Beau Donnelly and Nick Toscano

Fake Medicine by Brad Mckay

The Girl Who Conned Us All by Clair Weaver 


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